3 Questions to Ask Before Arranging a Forklift Hire

Forklift hire can mean renting lifting and loading equipment you need for special deliveries, inventory, reorganizing your warehouse, or other such times. You don't need to actually own and then maintain and store a forklift when you only need it on occasion since it's so easy to just rent one. Before you do visit a rental shop or choose a forklift online, note a few questions to ask so you know you get the right one and know what to expect with your rental.

1. Note how much fuel or power will be required for its use

If you get a gas-powered forklift rather than an electric one, note how much fuel is required for its overall use. Your rental agency should be able to tell you for how long the forklift can operate on a standard tank of fuel, and this can tell you if you should have some extra gas cans on hand for a refill. You might ask the same question of an electric forklift, if you'll be renting it for a full day or several days. Ask how long the battery charge lasts and if it can be plugged in for a recharge or if a spare battery will be needed.

2. Consider if it's strong enough for the terrain

If you'll only be using a forklift inside, such as in a warehouse or production facility, then you may get by with a lightweight piece with smaller tires. However, if you'll be taking it outside such as when you need to go between buildings or will be emptying cargo boxes from a train or ship, you need to ask if your rental will be strong enough for the terrain. A lightweight forklift isn't meant to be driven on soft soil or mud and may sink in very easily. This is especially true once it's weighted down with a pallet of materials. Ensure you get one that is rough and rugged enough for outdoor use.

3. Check the lift of the fork

You want to ensure the forklift can lift your materials as high as needed for stacking on tall shelves. Note that when forks are fully raised, this can put a smaller forklift off balance. You may need to invest in a larger, heavier forklift for lifting heavier materials to a taller height. Discuss your use and needs with the forklift rental agency so you can ensure your forklift will reach and also be safe when in use.

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