Tips When Using a Bulldozer to Create a Pond

A bulldozer is one of the most used types of earthmoving equipment. It is designed mostly for excavating use and is the ideal piece of equipment when you are trying to create a pond in your backyard. If the pond that you desire to build is large in size, it is best to use this type of earthmoving equipment to move the soil efficiently and effectively. Before you use a bulldozer and begin creating a pond in your backyard, it is best that you become familiar with a few helpful tips that are designed to make the pond building process smoother.


The main thing that you need to consider when using a bulldozer to dig a pond is traction. The amount of traction that you have is not only dependent on the size of the bulldozer that you use, but also on the moisture content of the soil that you are moving. If the soil that you are moving is saturated, this will result in you having much less traction. It is best to only begin digging a pond when the soil is not saturated.

Room and Ruts

It is always a good idea that you make sure there is adequate room before you begin using a bulldozer. There needs to be enough space in between the bulldozer and the ditch that you are digging. When you are maneuvering the bulldozer around, you are less likely to spin the track if there is substantial berth between the bulldozer and the ditch. If you spin the track, this will lead to ruts being formed in the soil. These ruts are not only time consuming to remove from the ground, but they can be a hazard when you are trying to operate a bulldozer safely. Ruts make it easy for the bulldozer to tilt at an angle, which can lead to it tipping over. This means that the formation of ruts in the ground should be avoided when possible.

Low Gear

It is always recommended that you begin moving the bulldozer in the lowest gear. This will allow you to easily move the blade into the ground at an angle gradually. It is when you start to notice resistance with the blade that you can change the gear. This will enable you to change the speed at which the blade is moving. It is also important to remember that operating a bulldozer load is easier if it is completely full. A partial load is more apt to move freely and be unstable.

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