What Kind Of Jobs Are Suited For Mini Excavators?

A mini excavator is often the best option for backyard tasks and commercial projects that involve digging or altering the land in one way another. In spite of its small size, the type of work that can be completed with these excavators when operated by the right individual is impressive to say the least. These machines are designed to navigating through constricted side yards and work in tight spaces. Before you consider excavator hire, it is important that you know the kind of jobs that these machines are suitable for. Here is a catalogue of jobs suited for mini excavators.

Lifting weighty objects

Can you use a mini excavator to lift large rocks and bricks or any other weighty piece of machinery into a truck or transport it to another location within your property? Well, the answer is yes.


Attempting to level a plot of land, regardless of its size, is always a hard task especially of you are doing it on your own. However, a mini excavator featuring a 4-in-1 bucket may easily level the ground around your property. In fact, these excavators are employed to level the foundation for property add-on projects.

Spreading soil and concrete gravel

Murram driveways or sections around your residential home can benefit from a gravel spread-out, particularly if the land space serves as a parking lot.

Excavating post holes

If you wish to put up a strong fence around your large piece of land, a mini excavator is certainly a godsend. Featuring a post hole excavating screw, you will only need a matter of minutes to excavate a deep post hole.

Sealing stump holes

After a large tree has been cut and removed from your property, a stump hole may arise which poses extreme danger to people and cars. Therefore, using dirt to fill the hole is important. Mini excavators are an ideal means to transport dirt from one location to seal the stump hole or any other kind of hole in the soil.

Access to small areas

Large excavators are restricted by their size and typically may not be able to operate between tight spaces or out-of-the-way areas. Mini excavators are really perfect in these tight spaces and can work in spots you wouldn't have previously envisaged.

Demolition clean ups

Demolishing a structure to create space for another new structure, and later cleaning up following the erection of a new structure, is practically unfeasible without the support of some form of equipment. Mini excavators can lift, push and tug construction wreckage during a clean-up exercise, when the same job would otherwise require several hands to complete.

With the option of excavation hire, homeowners can get their hands on a mini excavator and have any of the above-mentioned tasks done as fast and effectively as possible.

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