Tips for Renting Heavy-Duty Equipment for a Home Project

Whether renovating your home or property or considering building your own home, you want to ensure you get the right equipment for the job. You can typically rent heavy-duty construction equipment, and this includes anything from diggers and earthmovers to bulldozers that make quick work of demolition. Because most people don't rent heavy-duty equipment often, it can be an overwhelming task. Note a few tips for how to do this successfully and ensure you get the right equipment and know everything involved in its rental.

1. Discuss the soil conditions with the rental agency

The reason you need to do this is that the weight of any piece of heavy-duty equipment can make it downright dangerous on certain types of soil. If the soil is very moist, this can cause the equipment to sink into the ground. You may need treads rather than tires. On the other hand, if you'll be working on a new lot with very compact soil, treads can slow you down and actual tires might be better. Discuss this with your rental agency so you know which piece and what features will work for you.

2. Note the clearance you may need for heavy-duty equipment

Even if you're planning on renting a small crane to demolish a garage or home addition, you want to discuss clearance needed with the rental agency. Remember that heavy-duty equipment may need added clearance for its tires or treads or to unfold a crane arm. Heavy-duty equipment also doesn't turn around as easily as a car or truck, and you may be able to drive it onto your property between your home and garage but then find you cannot easily turn it around or back it out. Ask about clearance needed for any heavy-duty equipment so you know your equipment will fit on your property.

3. Ensure you know how to store the piece overnight

If you're renting a piece overnight, be sure you know how to store it properly. You may not need to keep it inside your garage or a shed, but you may be required to cover it with a protective tarp of some sort. This can not only keep the equipment protected but also cut down on it being a nuisance to your neighbors. The company from which you rent your equipment can note if you are legally required to cover their equipment overnight because of city regulations and may have their own requirements as well. Be sure you ask about this and follow their instructions carefully.

For more information, contact a civil construction or heavy equipment rental company. 

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