Four Safety Tips for Using a Cherry Picker in the Hot Summer Sun

If you are hiring a cherry picker to work on a project, you need to keep several safety tips in mind, but if it's summertime, you also have to keep the heat in mind. Want to ensure you or anyone else using the cherry picker with you is safe in the heat? Take a look at these tips:

1. Hire a cherry picker with an air conditioned cab.

While one worker is in the cherry picker's basket, the other one is in the cab. To prevent the operator from overheating, consider hiring a cherry picker with an air conditioned cab. This protects the driver from heat exhaustion and makes his job easier.

2. Shade the basket.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to air condition the basket as you can the cab, but you can still take other steps to make the basket cool. Namely, find a way to shade the basket. If you are working near trees or buildings, try to keep the worker oriented in a way that the shade from the tree or the nearby buildings is over the basket.

Alternatively, connect a small sun umbrella or canopy to the basket to stop the sun. In lieu of that, provide the person in the basket with a wide-brimmed hat.

3. Work early in the day.

When hiring your cherry picker, try to schedule it to come early in the morning. That way, you can get started on your project before the weather gets exceptionally hot, thus protecting yourself from the sun and the heat. Alternatively, have the hire company deliver the cherry picker the evening before you wish to use it so that you can start at daybreak.

4. Don't forget multiple bottles or jugs of water.

Everyone knows that you need to have an ample stock of water around when you are doing labour, especially during the summer. However, if you have a cherry picker, you should remember to have individual bottles or water or at least two small water jugs. That way instead of sharing from a large water container on the ground, you and your workers can have a supply of water both in the cab and the basket of the cherry picker. As a result, you don't have to bring the basket down if the person in it needs a sip of water, and you make it easier for everyone to stay hydrated.

Want more tips on using a cherry picker in the summer? Contact a company who hires access equipment. They can give you tips and guidance.

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