Considerations When Choosing the Ideal Truck Seats

Truck drivers can work behind the wheel for up to 12 hours. Did you know that there are some dangers associated with prolonged sitting? Again, the level of comfort a seat offers can determine how likely a driver is to fatigue. In fact, physical exhaustion is a leading cause of accidents caused by trucks. Therefore, it goes without saying that selecting the best truck seats is a decision to be made after careful consideration. Here are some of the things to know about the subject.


Ergonomics, as a principle, ensure that a workspace or a product is designed in a way to enhance the user's experience while minimising the risk of injury and strain. Owing to the long driving periods and the repetitive motions such as accelerating, shifting gears and braking, the need for an ergonomically sound truck seat is inevitable. ISRI seats are an excellent example of such. Factors used to determine whether a truck seat is safe ergonomically include: 

Suspension-type- Operation of trucks and heavy construction vehicles generates heavy vibrations which pose a critical occupational risk to the drivers. That is why seats utilise a suspension system within their seats to cushion drivers against health-damaging vibrations. However, it is upon you to select between an air suspension and a mechanical suspension seat.

Adjustability and Support- Driving posture can affect the comfort and eventually the health of a driver, especially after long working hours. Seats can be adjusted vertically, horizontally and can also be tilted for maximum comfort. Other support features offered by these truck seats include seat cushion adjustment, shoulder and backrest adjustment and a high backrest with an attached head restraint.


Truck seats are made from various materials, the most common being leather and cloth. While no option may be superior to the other, clients may vary in preference according to their needs. For instance, you may want to opt for a leather seat as it prevents moisture retention, heats faster and is easier to clean. Fabric seats, on the other hand, don't absorb much heat hence reduces sweating, and they also allow the skin to breathe. Ergonomic seats are designed with both comfort and durability in mind.

There are plenty of seat models out there, but it's important to go with the most ergonomic option. After putting into consideration these two factors, it is also wise to ensure that the truck seats you are about to buy are compliant with the ADR standards as a safety precaution.

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