Commercial Demolition: Choosing a High-Reach Excavator for Your Project

If you are planning on demolishing the structures on your commercial lot, you should select the most suitable high-reach excavator for the work. Your choice of equipment will determine the efficiency of the demolition process. If you hire or purchase the incorrect machine, the wrecking work will require more time. As a result, your construction project could be delayed unnecessarily. Here are the most critical factors to help you choose an ideal high-reach excavator for your commercial demolition.

Maximum Height Reach

High-reach excavators are designed to demolish buildings by tearing apart the structural elements. As implied, this type of machine configuration is made with a particularly long boom arm. This design is valuable for tearing apart the upper stories of a commercial building with ease. The arm is more favourable than a wrecking ball because it performs demolition in a controlled fashion. It is important to note that all high-reach excavators are not the same in height. In simple terms, the boom arm can vary in length, and your choice will determine the ease of demolition. Naturally, a boom with a longer reach is more suitable for medium and high rise buildings. However, if the building is relatively small, you can save by choosing a smaller excavator.

General Construction

Commercial demolition and construction sites can be rough and demanding. Therefore, you must choose a high-reach excavator which will do well in the adverse worksite conditions. If you choose a lightweight excavator intended for low-demand application, you could find yourself with a failed heavy machine at the middle of your project. In general, a suitable excavator should have a resilient undercarriage and tough framing. These components should be rated for commercial or industrial work. You should also make sure that the equipment boom can handle the specific material of the building to be demolished. In addition, you should think about prioritising the high-reach excavators with counterweights. These machines are more stable and suitable for use in harsh terrain.

Compatible Attachments

Finally, you should think about the attachments that you will require for your demolition and site clearance work. It is essential to choose a high-reach excavator which has compatibility with numerous attachments. This aspect promotes convenience during the commercial demolition project. Moreover, you can save money by using excavator attachments instead of hiring separate machines. The most useful attachments that you should look for include hammers, grapples, shears and loaders. You should prioritise high-reach excavators which ensure easy removal and installation of attachments for optimal productivity in your worksite. 

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