4 Invaluable Tips To Consider When Hiring A Crane

Cranes are an invaluable piece of equipment across different sectors. Crane hire is a cheaper alternative to buying the equipment. If you are looking to hire cranes from a company like Davo's Crane Hire, here are a few pointers to keep in mind

1.    Know Exactly What You Need

You wouldn't want to invest in crane hire only to realise that the crane isn't the right one for your particular project. Before approaching an equipment rental company, ensure that you understand your specific needs. How much weight will the crane lift? How high? What is the terrain like at the job site?

These and other considerations will help you choose the right rental unit. If you are unsure about which unit to pick, do not hesitate to ask for help from the technical staff at the crane hire company. You should also inquire about the company's return policy.

2.    Check The Condition Of The Rental

You are not the first to hire the cranes, and you will not be the last. That said, equipment hire companies manage to keep their rental units in the best shape by investing in regular maintenance and professional repairs. You may not be lucky enough to get brand new crane hire units, but as long as the rentals are in top shape, you shouldn't worry.

To verify the condition of the cranes, ask the equipment hire company to provide you with copies of the maintenance records for the particular units you are looking to hire.

3.    Ask About Insurance and Repairs

Is the crane hire company insured? What does the policy cover? Anything can happen during transit to your job site and while using the crane for your project. In the event of any incidents and accidents, you want to be sure that you are fully covered against any liability. Where you may be liable, you will also need to know the extent to which your liability extends.

 Alongside the question of insurance, you should also inquire about the company's repair policy. Who pays for what? Does the company take care of the repairs or are you free to find help elsewhere?

4.    Book Early

Other parties will be interested in hiring the very same crane hire units you wish to rent for your project. To avoid missing out, be sure to book early. Early booking will also give the company enough time to ensure that the equipment is ready for you on the day you need it.

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