7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crane for Your Project

Do you need to hire a crane for an upcoming construction project? Then you need to make sure that you select your crane carefully. If you choose the right crane for the job, you will save valuable time and money. However, it's important that you evaluate your needs and the constraints present on the work site before you make your choice.

If your construction project requires one or more cranes, consider the following 6 factors before choosing an appropriate crane.

1. The Size and Duration of Your Project

One of your first areas of examination should be the scope of your construction project. For example, what is the expected completion date? Is the site small or large? By answering these two questions first, you know where you stand in terms of the size and cost of the crane your job requires.

For instance, on a small site, a tower crane such as those in operation near Port Augusta and working to install wind turbine generators wouldn't be feasible. Tower cranes require more space to set up. They are also better suited to long-term projects due to the amount of time it takes to prepare them before use.

On a small site, a pick and carry crane, which is easy to manoeuvre and small in stature, would be ideal.  

2. The Quality of the Ground

On construction sites where the ground is unstable or especially tricky for vehicles to travel over, choose a crawler crane or a rough terrain crane. Remember, too, that the weather will play a part. If it is spring in Australia, plan for rain to soften the ground on site. If your project is off-road somewhere in the countryside, the terrain will likely require a rough terrain crane.

3. The Accessibility of the Work Site

Remember that the crane has to get to the site before you can put it to work. Study the accessibility of the work site before choosing your crane. For instance, if the access roads are narrow and filled with tight turns, a crawler crane or a pick and carry crane will be more suitable. When access is limited, something like a truck crane, which tends to be longer in stature, wouldn't work.

4. The Structures, Objects and Hazards in the Vicinity

Do trees, power lines and buildings surround your construction site? Then you need a crane that can provide you with flexibility whilst carrying a load. Because crawler cranes move on tracks and are able to carry a load while moving, these are a good option in areas where obstacles and hazards are abundant.

5. The Load's Distance from the Crane

The further away the load is from the crane during lifting, the riskier the lift is since the boom will come under more pressure. That's why choosing the right crane is important. Safety should be a priority. Although all cranes come with a load chart, consult with your crane hire company before choosing a crane, as this is a very real health and safety concern.

6. The Effect on Nearby Pedestrians

When your construction site is in an urban area, near roads and buildings, you have to consider the effect your crane might have on the public. For instance, if you are using a tower crane in a windy location adjacent to a footpath, you risk endangering passing pedestrians. Moreover, if your site is in a high traffic area, a slow and cumbersome crane will impede both you and passing cars.

In this instance, a pick and carry crane might save you a lot of time due to its manoeuvrability and speed.

Ultimately, it is always best to consult with your crane hire service before choosing a crane for your site. Gather as much information as you can on the advantages and disadvantages of your site, as well as your load and height needs, and together, you can choose a crane that is both efficient and safe.

For more information, contact a crane supplier.

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