Top Tips When Buying New Holland Machinery

Do you intend to purchase New Holland plant equipment and agricultural machinery? Similar to other buyers, you may not have the technical know-how required when buying heavy machinery. Well, you do not have to worry. Below is an extract detailing what to consider when purchasing heavy machinery. 

Determine The Required Equipment

There are different categories of heavy machinery. As such, assess your needs to establish the equipment you need. For instance, it could be a tractor, backhoe loader, excavator, crane, grader, or tractor. Some heavy machinery is multifunctional. For example, excavators can support attachments such as dump trailers, grapples, breakers, augers, rippers, mulchers, and brush cutters. Therefore, you could opt to purchase a single machine with multiple attachments.  

Assess The Features Of The Equipment

Below are some of the features that you should look out for when buying heavy equipment: 

  • Does the equipment run on tracks or wheels? Tracks are ideal for use in offroad conditions and soft surfaces where you are worried about sinking. On the other hand, wheeled equipment can be driven on roads and are easier to manoeuvre.
  • How big is the equipment? Size is an essential concern if you will use the equipment in constricted spaces.
  • What are the maximum weight limits of the equipment? If possible, go for equipment with higher lifting or carrying limits.
  • Do you prefer electric, petrol or diesel equipment? Always inquire about the fuel consumption and running times.
  • What is the cabin style? A closed cabin will allow you to work in cold weather or during the rainy season.
  • How safe is it? The equipment should have adequate safety features. 

Inquire About Manufacturer Support

Manufacturer support is essential when buying heavy machinery. Remember, you will need to service the equipment regularly. If you purchase a new model, you may have to source replacement parts from the manufacturer. Moreover, manufacturer warranties on critical elements such as the engine, hydraulics, and transmission ensure that you receive free repairs if these parts break down within a specified period. Some manufacturers will also conduct free training and seminars to teach plant owners and operators how to maintain the equipment and the safety measures they should observe. 

Assess The Pricing 

Contact a few dealers and check how they price your preferred equipment. Ideally, you should have at least two models in mind to ensure you have an easy time conducting a comparative analysis. Most dealers will have competitive pricing. Therefore, you should look out for add-ons such as free servicing, insurance, and shipping. 

When buying heavy machinery, including New Holland Equipment, determine the required equipment, assess the features of the equipment, inquire about manufacturer support and assess the pricing.  

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