Two Tips To Follow When Renting Your First Scissor Lift

Here are some tips to follow when renting your first scissor lift.

Consider how quick and powerful you need the scissor lift to be

Companies that provide rental scissor lifts will usually have several models that their customers can choose from. These models may differ in several ways, including how fast and powerful they are. It's important to consider how quick and powerful you need this equipment to be and to ensure that you opt for a scissor lift whose battery and motor enable it to move at the speed you require (whilst scissor lifts, in general, are not known for their speed, some models are significantly faster than others).

For example, if you will only be renting the scissor lift for one day and need to use it to do a lot of construction work during this period, then you might want to ask the rental company for the most powerful scissor lift that you can not only lower and elevate quite rapidly, but that you can also move from one area to another fairly quickly. This should help you to use this heavy construction equipment to get all of your work done during this short rental period.

Check the weight of the items you need to use the scissor lift to transport

Before arranging to rent this equipment, you should also calculate the weight of the items you'd like to transport in it. For example, if you're using it to build the upper portion of a brick wall, and will be making this wall one row at a time, you should weigh the number of bricks you'll need to use to build each row (i.e. the number you'll need to keep in the scissor lift at any one time). After you've done this, you should add the weight of the person who'll be in the scissor lift during the wall's construction to this figure.

Doing this before booking the scissor lift rental will allow you to choose a scissor lift whose working platform can accommodate all of the bricks that you need to build a single row as well as the weight of the person who'll be doing this work. If you don't do this and accidentally choose a scissor lift whose working platform's weight capacity is too low, the person who does this job won't be able to store as many of their materials on it and will, therefore, have to spend more time lowering and elevating the equipment whenever they need to pick up some additional supplies. 

For more information on rental scissor lifts, contact a rental service near you.

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