Is hiring a crane your best option?

When you walk past a building site, you could notice the bricklayers hard at work, or perhaps, if the construction is at an earlier stage, you might see the team digging out the foundations before building work can commence. One piece of equipment that you are sure to see at some stage of the build is a crane. Cranes are essential for moving materials safely around the site and delivering them to the part of the building where they are needed. If you have spent much time watching cranes work, you will appreciate that one of the keys to safe crane operation is properly connecting the load to the crane. A load that the rigging services team have correctly stacked and firmly attached to the crane can be safely moved around without any risk of injury to people in the vicinity.

Do you need to hire rigging services?

There are times that rigging services and a crane could be useful to an established business or even a private family. Maybe, your company are relocating, removing, or installing heavy machinery. Moving bulky machinery can be dangerous without the proper equipment. If you can get crane access, it is safer and quicker to find a company offering rigging services and arrange for them to transfer the machinery to where it is needed.  

Perhaps, you are moving to a new home and you have large items of furniture that won't fit through the front door or along the only access route to your property. Using rigging services and a crane to move the furniture out through an upstairs window could be the most practical option.

What is involved in rigging services?

Before calling a rigging services company, it is helpful to understand what is involved in their work and how they can assist you. The primary focus of any rigging services company will be operational safety. The rigging services company will have the expertise to understand what equipment to use for every lifting job. Additionally, the rigging company will know how to pack the load to ensure that it remains stable. An unstable load might shift while it is being moved or even fall from the crane, potentially seriously injuring anyone nearby. A good rigging services company will arrive on-site with all the equipment needed for the lift. The rigging equipment could include slings, skates, and jacks, as well as the essential safety equipment, such as stop signs and high visibility vests to ensure that those on-site can be seen by the crane operators.

Contact a rigging services company to learn more. 

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