The Ins and Outs of Dewatering Pumps

If you're a contractor, you know that dewatering pumps are essential equipment for any job site. But what is this type of gear, and how does it work? Scroll down to find out more.

What is a Dewatering Pump?

A dewatering pump is a machine used to remove water from an area or environment. It works by drawing liquid out of the surrounding environment and pumping it away from the area. This could be anything from naturally occurring water on a construction site to flood waters in an emergency situation. A dewatering pump can also be used to reduce groundwater levels before excavation can begin.

How Do They Work?

Dewatering pumps usually consist of two parts: the suction side and the discharge side. On the suction side, water is drawn into the machine through a hose or pipe attached to the pump's intake valve. The water then passes through one or more impellers inside the pump body, which spin rapidly and force the water through a series of filters before being expelled through the discharge valve on the other side of the machine. The water is then pumped out and away from the area, either into another pipe system or directly into storage tanks or barrels.

Why Are They Important?

Dewatering pumps are a key tool for your construction project because they keep the workspace safe and dry while allowing you to continue working without disruption due to flooding or groundwater infiltration. They're also essential during emergency situations such as floods or storms, as they can help prevent further damage by quickly removing large amounts of liquid from affected areas. Additionally, dewatering pumps can be used to reduce groundwater levels prior to excavation so that your team has easier access to certain areas without having to worry about dealing with high water table levels first.


Dewatering pumps play an important role on many job sites and in emergency situations alike. As you can see now after reading this guide, understanding how these machines operate is key when it comes time for you to use them on your next project — no matter if it's small-scale residential work or large-scale commercial work! Contractors should familiarise themselves with dewatering pumping systems so that when called upon, they'll be ready and equipped with sound knowledge about how these machines work best in any given situation! With their help, all projects will run smoother, faster and ultimately more efficiently. Contact an equipment supplier to find out more.

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If you're a contractor, you know that dewatering pumps are essential equipment for any job site. But what is this type of gear, and how does it work?